A mechanical engineer specialised in control systems with an Executive MBA HEC (Paris) and over 20 years experience in industry, management and entrepreneurship, Camila Amaya-Castro created Innov’Blue in 2016.

Her fields of expertise include:

  • Consulting and training
  • Individual support to business leaders

She offers a Global Vision and hands-on experience on sustainable innovation, and the challenges related to complexity and ecology, up to date with our current planetary challenges of finite resources and transformation.

Her fields of action cover:

  • A broad support service through constructive collaboration based on an approach that is deeply systemic and ethical
  • Delivering services both in France and abroad, in either English, French, Spanish or Dutch.



Systemic Innovation

Innovation strategies adapted to a changing world

As organisations today are struggling with increasing uncertainty caused by factors they don’t control, many seek to ensure continuity in a sustainable way. We help such organisations go a step further in innovation, more ‘deep’ and systemic. To help them become more comfortable with uncertainty (covid-19, climate change, etc.) to develop new opportunities and ensure their organisation’s future.

For who ? Accessible to anyone, we work with decision makers of such organisations and with consultants in this field. We support action-driven leaders.

We will help you better understand current complex challenges and explore its consequences and relationships in your industry and with innovation. Then we will look at the organisation’s vision and strategy, and support in developing and executing their implementation.


  • Improved organisational agility
  • Improved coherence of your organisation’s actions with its ambitions
  • New product opportunities, new jobs
  • A more sustainable value chain
  • Improved well-being among employees and with partners and other stakeholders
  • Improved understanding and use of local resources, local knowledge, local markets


We invite everyone to start with the 1-day Master Class, online or in-person.

Master Class – Systemic Innovation

Coronavirus compatible : Our Master Class and all our services are provided online and in-person where good conditions allow.


We live in a world that is transforming. We can no longer foresee what is to come as we did before. We no longer have the same level of control on the market or with our stakeholders. More so, the ecosystem our company is part of is undergoing continuous change. What to do in face of such uncertainties?

Yesterday, business and business leaders continued to seek continuous growth in a finite world with limited resources. Today it is clearer that ever how outdated this vision has become.

Alternative visions for our organizations and their value propositions exist. As a new reality unfolds in the world, is this a threat or opportunity?

A sustainable economy , one capable to meet the needs of all without impeding on the opportunities of current and future generations is possible.

Today we are reminded more than ever of the global impact of climate change and that we live in a world with limitations. We know a more sustainable economy is possible. And more than before it has become important to develop it. This is an invitation.

To see to understand how you can adapt yourself and your company to this new unfolding reality. This Master Class on Systemic Innovation aims to help identify (discover, detect) innovation opportunities in a complex environment.

Master Class “Systemic Innovation”

This Master Class offers a support to innovate and adapt within a complex context that is evolving continuously. Many inventions and innovations exist already, solutions and tools to accelerate change such as Design Thinking, Agile Management and other methods that embrace Collective Intelligence.

Why is it that all too often such methods only lead to limited results (if any)? This question is at the heart of our work and that of our partners. We invite you to explore this, in an open-minded and a multidisciplinary fashion.

We have seen in these times of Covid, how when needed, entirely new solutions can be put into practice in the space of a few months.

“No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein


Our Master Class is offered fully on-line

  • several group sessions
  • an online Q&A platform and
  • one personal session

Each Master Class can be followed up by a personal support of the participant in his/her realization process.


You can now sign-up to our 30 minutes on-line presentations.

  • We offer them in English and in French.
  • There are interactives
  • Registration is free 

“Such encounters generate a great depth of reflection and reasoning …” (feedback from our Master Class)


Who will benefit from embracing Systemic Innovation and how?


  1. A startup: You have started the company and have an innovative product/value chain. You know that your success does not depend on today’s trends or solutions, but on what will emerge tomorrow. Neither you, nor any corporation or consultant can tell you today what this will me. This will emerge. How to navigate in these conditions? What choices to make? If you’re not fixing a 3-yr plan, then to what extend do you fix your strategy and how do you deal with changes that occur in the world over time?
  2. An SME: To ensure the future of your company and your activity, you are increasingly asking questions. How can I safeguard my company’s continuity? How can I keep it performing in-line with my values and ambitions? Do I keep producing the same or do I change my value chain? Complex questions that require special attention.
  3. A corporation or large organisation: You have already applied various tools. Perhaps they include Design Thinking, collective intelligence, Agile management, etc.. and they have shown interesting results. As trends change faster and the challenges become more visible (ex. Your company needs to become more sustainable faster), you are wondering how to go a step further. You will do so with someone who knows the conditions and challenges of a large organisation and someone who knows the methods and tools you have implemented or may have applied in the past.
  4. A consultant, coach or facilitator: You work to support organisations in their overall wellbeing or specifically in a field mentioned above. You are an expert in your field. You see the increasing complexity of challenges companies are experiencing and the awareness that this requires new solutions. You want to deepen your comprehension of a systemic approach, broaden your knowledge and extend your field of application.

Learn more about the importance of our Master Class in our current turbulent times of Covid-19, now needed more than ever before (4 minutes). And see a short presentatino of the Master Class (1 minute).


Our general offer

« Our aim is to work on the emergence of new solutions and achieve beyond what could have been imagined at the start.» (Camila Amaya-Castro in 2017)

Our strength lies in our threefold experience in strategy, transmission and operations. It is in the diversity and completeness of our offering that we see the ability to make the potential of your innovations a reality.


Defining your strategy

Our determination is to allow what has not been done before. Through our knowledge of organisations and new technologies and in making new connections, we will identify new opportunities, hopefully including in unexpected areas.

We apply a systemic and multidisciplinary approach – from diagnostics to business plan completion.



To do what has not been done before implies to do more than we could imagine at the start. Active and collective participation with surprisingly diverse stakeholders can result in exactly that, the emergence of change-driven, value-creating ideas.

We provide training and conferences in a variety of (related) topics, facilitate teams and can offer active change management support.



Taking action

It is as important to be innovative in finding new solutions as it is in executing them. When creative and change-driven ideas emerge, they can be hard to materialise – teams falling back on conventional methods, leading to conventional solutions. Or perhaps the experience or knowledge is limited, around new technologies, new business models or new organisational methods.
We offer operational support in the execution of your project. Our proven operational experience can make the difference.

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A systemic approach

We value most of all systems thinking and adopting a systemic approach in our work. We share and convey this approach in what we do at all levels. Our task is to teach to think systemically, a behavioural change at the individual level and one that impacts the organisation as a whole.

To change behaviour implies a change of thinking and acting. It is a profound process and one that requires a different approach and set of objectives, as well as an open mindset towards the unknown.

We will share with you a new way of seeing, original and wise, through the realisation of a bespoke process.

We will accompany you through constructive, transparent and fact-based collaboration. We take into consideration both interrelation and interdependence in the work we do. Meaning, our way of working is systemic, profound and ethical.

We are a collaborative colleague of The Woodland Group