A mechanical engineer specialised in control systems with an Executive MBA HEC (Paris) and over 20 years experience in industry, management and entrepreneurship, Camila Amaya-Castro created Innov’Blue in 2016.

Her fields of expertise include:

  • Consulting and training
  • Individual support to business leaders

She offers a Global Vision and Hands-on experience on sustainable innovation, up to date with our current planetary challenges of finite resources.

Her fields of action cover:

  • A broad support service through constructive collaboration based on an approach that is deeply systemic and ethical
  • Delivering services both in France and abroad, in either English, French, Spanish or Dutch.



MASTER CLASS “Understanding Systemic Design”

The participant is invited to explore alternative visions for her/his organization

or industrial environment, and identify new opportunities.

As companies and the people who manage them continue to seek production growth in a finite world with limited resources, this begs the following question: Is a sustainable economy possible, one capable to meet the needs of all without impeding on the opportunities of current and future generations?

During this master class the participant is invited to identify first steps in developing alternative visions for her/his industry and company, that will address these questions, in an open-minded and a multidisciplinary fashion.



Our strength lies in our threefold experience in strategy, transmision and operations. It is in the diversity and completeness of our offering that we see the ability to make the potential of your innovations a reality.


Defining your strategy

Our determination is to allow what has not been done before. Through our knowledge of organisations and new technologies and in making new connections, we will identify new opportunities, hopefully including in unexpected areas.

We apply a systemic and multidisciplinary approach – from diagnostics to business plan completion.



To do what has not been done before implies to do more than we could imagine at the start. Active and collective participation with surprisingly diverse stakeholders can result in exactly that, the emergence of change-driven, value-creating ideas.

We provide training and conferences in a variety of (related) topics, facilitate teams and can offer active change management support.



Taking action

It is as important to be innovative in finding new solutions as it is in executing them. When creative and change-driven ideas emerge, they can be hard to materialise – teams falling back on conventional methods, leading to conventional solutions. Or perhaps the experience or knowledge is limited, around new technologies, new business models or new organisational methods.
We offer operational support in the execution of your project. Our proven operational experience can make the difference.

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