Our strength lies in our threefold experience in strategy, transmitting and operations. It is in the diversity and completeness of our offering that we see the ability to make the potential of your innovations a reality. We like to work with a variety of partners, to respond to specific needs.

Today Innov’Blue is proud to be a partner of SuperUse Studios.


Defining your strategy

Our determination is to do what has not been done before. Through our knowledge of new technologies and making new connections, we identify new opportunities, including in unexpected areas.

We apply a systemic and multidisciplinary approach – from diagnostics to business plan completion.



To do what has not been done before implies to do more than we could imagine at the start. Active and collective participation with surprisingly diverse stakeholders can result in exactly that, the emergence of change-driven, value-creating ideas.

We provide training and conferences in a variety of (related) topics, facilitate teams and can offer active change management support.


Taking action

It is as important to be innovative in finding new solutions as it is in executing them. When creative and change-driven ideas emerge, they can be hard to materialise – teams falling back on conventional methods, leading to conventional solutions. And sometimes there is limited knowledge of the new technologies and experience of new business models.
We offer operational support in the execution of your project. Our proven operational experience can make the difference.

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