00 A1 diagnostic
  • From diagnostics to project propositions
  • We offer an analysis of your entire ecosystem to identify concrete actions.
    • A systemic approach to diagnostics
      • Our diagnostics is multi-disciplinary and interrelated, covering both organisational and business diagnostics.
        • We will identify all material flows and relations systematically and seek interrelated opportunities.
        • We will scan and identify existing challenges as well as potential future ones, applying our diverse insight and knowledge.
      • A full stakeholder analysis will engage with a highly diverse group of people, and will be strengthened by active listening and empathy.
      • A high level market study, competitive analysis, risk analysis, etc.
      • Identification of a first series of opportunities of technology and innovation, where possible interconnecting through symbiotic relation identification.
    • Support in your decision making processes.
    • Project proposal preparation, covering various analyses, feasibility study, market study 2.0, budget and timeline estimation, agile management, etc.
00 A2 businessplan
  • Business Plan
  • We provide support in Business Plan preparation.
    • New solutions require Business plans beyond the standards
      • Where required we apply the Business Model Canvas approach.


Strategic analysis (CMG, Madsap); 3-year site investment strategy (Nestlé); Competitive analysis (Nestlé); Brand development (Nestlé); Business Model Canvas (ICDD); Business Model You (private); Business Process Mapping (Nestlé, Heineken); Fit-gap analysis (Nestlé, Heineken); Approved factory CAPEX of 13M€ (Nestlé).