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rocStar stone paper is more than just paper. It is a message of change to all and to believe in the positive impact each of us can make on our planet.*

We introduce to you rocStar

With its unique characteristics, this paper is a great premium and sustainable alternative to paper and paper-like products (PP, PVC). Stone paper products serve many different types of usages and its products are more resistant, they will last longer.

This is the most sustainable product and prints easily on offset, flexo and many digital printers.

We have over 3 years experience with Stone paper.

Stone paper

Stone paper water proof

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What is Stone Paper?

A highly versatile paper, similar to pulp paper it is the result of 10 years of development. Stone paper production is patented in over 40 countries. Its production process uses a blend of 80% mineral powder (calcium carbonate) and 20% polymer (HDPE).

Stone and a polymer – nothing more!

No trees, no water


One ton of Stone paper:

  • Preserves 18 trees
  • Preserves 2770 litres of water otherwise consumed
  • Preserves 35.000 litres required to produce pulp paper
  • Only needs 15% of the energy required for pulp paper
  • Reduces by 949 kg the CO2 consumption

The carbon footprint of Stone paper is 67% less than of pulp paper. (source)

Stone paper :

  • 100% recyclable
  • No toxic emissions

You can now choose to have your products made of Stone paper. This is highly differentiating both in terms of quality and sustainability.


* Please use paper only when strictly required.